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Your online presence begins and ends with brand awareness.

Whether you have a brand that needs a refresh, or a new business that needs an identity, we understand the weight a great brand can have on business success.

Being distinctive in business starts with branding; are you instantly recognisable to a potential customer? It’s not just about having a logo, pretty colours or the right typeface – it’s about what your brand sounds like, feels like, and reads like.

We walk you through the brand process to find out who your brand would be if it were a person and how you can make the best impact on your industry using your distinct uniqueness.

Working alongside our handpicked local graphic designer crew, Lexicon takes your brand voice, messaging and identity to new heights – taking exactly what you want and turning it into the brand of your dreams.


How does the process work?

We work with you to find out exactly what you need for your brand, asking you the questions that will give us the best insight into your vision and needs. We look at what you need for inspiration and ideation with design, form, and function – we don’t want to leave any room for interpretation.

From there, we engage our graphic design pros to create concepts based on your inspirations, vision, and position in the market.

We’ll show you the concepts and take on feedback and areas of revision, once approved they’ll build on the design, while we create brand guidelines and tone of voice documents for you to keep forever. Once the final design is approved, we’ll hand over all assets to you.

Can I come to you with an existing brand that needs a revamp?

Absolutely, we are happy to work with you to find out what you need from a brand evolution!

I have a solid brand identity, but no guidelines. How can you help?

A brand is more than your logo, it’s how your business looks, feels and sounds. We can create branding documents that suit your brand persona. We start this by sending you our sure-fire brand questions that dive deep into your ‘why’, then we go away to work on tone of voice, key messaging and audience demographic based on this.

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