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Public Relations

“A good PR story is more effective than a frontpage ad.”

Sir Richard Branson said that, and we couldn’t agree more. Good publicity is what others say about your brand when you’re not there – let’s make it work in your favour.

How PR can lift your profile
Seeking & managing editorial press opportunities in traditional and digital media
Blogger/influencer engagement to get your ideal customers eyes’ on your brand
Nurturing contacts and connections with your niche market
Event management, curation and coordination for milestones, launches and celebrations
Press releases, email invitations, Canva design, and journalism experience
Establishing & managing communications for new collaboration opportunities

Want the PR in your PRofile?

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I want to have a launch event for my business, do you offer event planning?

We love to organise, create and manage events using our incredible team of in-house and external stylists, depending on your event needs! Feel free to reach out to start the conversation.

How quickly can you turn around a press release?

If all information is provided by the client and our capacity allows, we can turn around a press release within 2 business days, though we prefer a longer heads-up if the deadline permits.

Do you offer work for other agencies that have too much on their plate?

About 50% of our copy and PR projects come from other agencies – their plates are too full and we help them create press releases, copy, articles, and conduct interviews on their behalf. So in short, yes and we offer agencies wholesale pricing.

I want to engage influencers, how do I go about this?

Oooh such a fun marketing path to explore! This is an incredible option if you want to directly influence your audience using the trust and credibility of content creators.

Let’s find out about your brand, your goals and which influencers to best target – we want to get you the best bang for your buck and create campaign guidelines so everyone’s a winner. We also have our network of influencers we closely work with and can provide you with plenty of options!