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The only way to grow online is to go online.

Love or hate it, social media is the necessary evil that allows your business to reach new heights and target your specific audience. We’re on it so much, you would pass out if you saw our daily Screen Time!

How we elevate your social game
We’ll manage any of your social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest
Creating your content to use across platforms (we capture the images & videos)
Strategies for the best way to reach your audience with tailored content pillars and call to actions
Craft captions that convert to sales, bookings or leads
Design your tailored branded Canva templates
Curated Reels strategies, creation, edits and execution
Engagement activity including commenting, collaborating and IG stories
Aesthetically pleasing feed that matches your brand vibe
Brand strategy & tone of voice guidelines if needed

We love to socialise!

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Do you have packages?

We sure do. We’ve based our social media packages based on how frequently our clients have wanted to post in the past – they are a guideline for you, but if you have specific requirements we are very happy to tailor a package to suit you! Simply head to our contact page and hit ‘request packages’.

How many social media platforms are included?

Instagram and Facebook are included in all packages, and TikTok is included in our video packages. If you want us to manage your LinkedIn or Pinterest we can also add these on at an affordable price.

What does management involve exactly?

We pretend to be your brand online. We’ll do an initial audit of your social media platforms to optimise them for best performance, then we create a tailored strategy based on your goals and targets. Management includes us creating content and using supplied content, captions, hashtags, scheduling posts, commenting/engaging, responding to comments/DMs, Instagram Stories, templates and graphics, and analytics for tracking progress on your goals.

What if I have content that’s already created?

Great! We love when clients come to us with content ready to go. Most of the time they have no time to sift through and create a proper strategy around it – this is where our expertise shines!

I have a new business and need social accounts set up, can you do this?

For sure, we set up any account you need on social media based on where your customers/clients are consuming content. We’ll need to work together on this to get the login details correct and have the accounts under your name for ease, security measures, and best practice.

Do you keep track of analytics/reports?

We do, to an extent. We used to send monthly reports to each client with intricate details on their analytics, growth numbers, and our recommendations… did they read these reports we spent hours on? Nope. Did they say “we trust you, just tell us what you recommend and we’ll go with that”? Heck yeah. Now we just keep track of analytics internally with our team to discuss the best content based on past performance – the data speaks for itself.

But, if you really love pie charts and graphs, we can do a monthly report for you, no dramas.

What’s the step-by-step process?

1.You’re keen but need to know our prices, you hit ‘request packages’ and we send them through

2. You take a read (thoroughly impressed) but have questions, you hit Lex up for more info and discuss what option might suit you

3. When you’re happy with a package, we send over a quote for you to sign

4. Once signed, we send you brand questions to answer and gather what we need from you (log ins, any supplied content, brand guidelines/logo/files)

5. We create a strategy based on your brand answers and goals, and prepare a couple weeks of content in advance and make sure it’s all gucci

6. From there, we start posting and let the growth games begin!