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On average, 63% of customers will search for a business like yours online. What happens if you’re not there?

Or worse… your website is turning people away.

Ask yourself, what’s the first thing you do when you need to find something out? You Google it.

Owning the online space means having a beautiful website and brand awareness – so whether a passer-by vaguely remembers your business name, or they directly search your name, you’re instantly recognisable.

Customer loyalty starts with a functional and impressive website.

We’re not saying it needs to be the coolest website ever or cost thousands to build, but it needs to be easy to navigate and reflect your business perfectly.

Our incredible go-to website guys will craft a beautiful, user and mobile-friendly website that encapsulates your brand.

Ready for the gift of site?

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How does the process work?

We work with you to find out exactly what you need from your website, asking you the questions that will give us the best insight into your vision and needs. We look at what you need for inspiration and ideation with design, form, and function – we don’t want to leave any room for interpretation.

From there, we engage our website pros to create a design based on your inspirations, vision, and current branding.

We’ll show you what they’re working on and take on feedback and areas of revision, once approved they’ll build it out, we plug in the copy (existing from your current site or created/edited by Lexicon) and content to make it yours. Once launched, our website gurus will handover to you with an easy guide for you to update as you need.

I have a website currently but it needs a lot of help. What can I do?

There are two options, either we can look into the back-end of your current CMS (Content Management System) and see what needs fixing, or we can create a beautiful new website for you using Webflow. Sometimes the latter is actually the more affordable option (even those cheaper websites might cost you more in the long run because of broken plug-ins and constant updates).

I’m used to Squarespace/Wix/Wordpress, what Content Management System do you use?

We are in love with Webflow. It’s the new, sexy, younger version of Wordpress. If you don’t believe us, go take a look at Webflows templates and tell me you’re not impressed! It’s what the best web designers and developers are using today; Wordpress, in my opinion, can suck it.