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Using your customer’s language to your advantage.

They’ll be begging for more without even realising it *brings hands together menacingly*. Don’t worry, this isn’t a Dr. Evil scheme! We’re just putting your powerful brand words in the right places, for the right people to see.

How words speak volumes
Ghostwriting – we pretend to be you!
Spring-clean your website with brand-focused copywriting
Create topic-driven articles and blog posts with SEO keywords
Design and craft downloadable, click-worthy eBooks, guides & lead magnets
Scripts for Podcasts and TVCs
Copyediting (we are the Grammar Police)!
Digital marketing = eDM, SMS & app copy
Product, menu descriptions & media releases

Get write down to it!

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I have a website that needs some new copy, can you help?

Absolutely! Creating new copy is our bread and butter. We start with a get-to-know-you branding session and find out exactly what you need so we can make your copy shine online!

I have a brand but no clear strategy. How do you start this process?

A brand is more than your logo, it’s how your business looks, feels and sounds. We can create branding documents that suit your brand persona. We start this by sending you our sure-fire brand questions that dive deep into your ‘why’, then we go away to work on tone of voice, key messaging and audience demographic based on this.

What is the normal timeframe for copy turnover?

It’s totally dependent on how quickly a client can get us the answers we need to get started. If all goes well, we can get a first draft of your standard website copy package (5 web pages) sent your way between 2-4 weeks of signing on. Blogs, articles and short-form copy can be to you within the fortnight if our capacity allows.

How can I get a quote?

Easy peasy lemon-squeezy – just head to our contact page and let us know what you need! The gals should get back to you in 1-2 business days, or you can book a discovery call with Lex.

What is ghostwriting?

It is a form of white-labelling, this is where we write for you on your behalf and you are named the author of that piece of work. We have done this in the form of eBooks, guides, articles, blogs and downloadables for numerous clients. We basically do a really nice job of pretending to be you!

Is there a minimum requirement for projects?

There is no minimum spend or requirement for copywriting projects, though if you want blogs/articles for your website, this works well on a monthly retainer. Obviously, we love our ad-hoc projects too! They keep us young.