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Meet the Miss-fits

She’s the baddest of them all

And by baddest, we mean the goodest *nice English Lex*.

Women-run and led, Lexicon Creative is dangerously passionate about telling your story and deliciously dedicated to what we do daily.

Coming from running businesses and connecting with brands local and national, the Lexicon team is keen to learn all about you!


Managing Director + Lead Strategist, Always-Late Class Clown

With 9 years of writing and social media experience, and a Bachelor of Journalism and Professional Writing to boot, Alexia (Lex), is the captain steering this party ship!

Starting Lexicon Copywriting in May 2020—now Lexicon Creative Agency—she's taken the business from sole-trader-WFH-pandemic-stylez, to agency powerhouse that has no signs of slowing down.

​Often seen with her phone in one hand and oat latte in the other, Lex is known for her terrible puns and quick-wit. Having run a retail business and freelance writing, all while completing her degree, Lex has a business-first mindset and passion for sharing local stories.

Focusing on helping other entrepreneurs take control of their businesses online, she also hosts the Lexicon of Life podcast highlighting local legends... if you're into people who have their shit together, this probs isn't the podcast for you! 


Account + Creative Manager, All-round All-Star

With a passion for all things creative, Alana has spent the last decade creating award winning content and campaigns across beauty and hospitality industries. Beginning her career in social media, Alana is a jack-of-all-trades who has since worked across marketing, PR, copywriting, web and social media for some of Australia's biggest brands.

Telling a brand story through captivating content is Alana's jam. Paired with her passion for a kick-ass strategy, content creation and an eye for unique design, Alana knows how to create campaigns that conquer. 

With a love of colour-coded spreadsheets and handwritten to-do-lists, this coffee-addicted creative is a marketer with an organisational edge, who will bring your vision to life.


Copywriter + Creative Coordinator, Gen Z Drama Queen

While getting her Bachelor Degree in Journalism and Professional Writing, Chloe brings the entertainment to the Lexicon office as a Copywriter and Creative Assistant/Coordinator while always having something to say (yes, she’ll talk your ear off!​)

Writing, editing and creating killer copy for our dynamic clients and executing cutting edge digital content — Chloe is passionate and strives for perfection with everything she sets her mind to.

Being our resident Gen-Z, Chloe keeps us young by schooling us on the latest trends to hit TikTok and keeping our content relevant AF.

She is a passionate, efficient, positive member of the Lexicon team, and an optimistic ray of sunshine!


Social Media Manager, Organised Early Bird

With a diploma in Event Management, over 10 years’ experience in events, public relations, social media and marketing under her belt, Arija Molitor (or Ari if you're feeling fancy) is our guru on all things Social Media.

From concepts to completion, Ari is a straight-up perfectionist of the best kind who knows her way around a filthy pun or twenty!

Ari brings her Type-A organisational skills to Lexicon, ensuring your vision is met, your feed is aesthetic, and that your social media exceeds your expectations on all fronts.


Digital Content Creator, Social Butterfly

With a love for helping small businesses grow through her passion of content creation and social media Sophie is our keen-eyed and enthusiastic Digital Content Creator!

Though Sophie was born in Adelaide, she has since lived overseas for the past 10 years and has gained so much knowledge and experience from living in different countries — it has shaped who she is today, and her eye for capturing great content.

Sophie has been working in the social media, content creation and influencer space for the past 6 years, and is happy to be working and growing local brands with the Lexicon team.

What we stand for

If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything – so let’s dive into Lexicon Creative as a brand.

Our Values
Agency ability. Freelancer feel. Always put kindness first. Be dangerously passionate and honest. Connect deeply and tell their story. Keep moving forward.
Our Mission
Help business owners find and speak to their perfect people – find the people that will cheer them on, sing their praises, and return for more. We want to make real connections with our clients and be there for them. We aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we’re the right person's glass of prosecco.
Our Ethos
Be responsible for the planet we live on. Kindness is free, being an dickhead is costly. Recycle, reuse, and reduce waste where possible. Working together is the only way to better our planet for future generations. Consume less animals where possible. 

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