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Workshops are a great way to digest new information while getting live feedback and asking the important questions as they come to mind. 

Lexicon have presented a number of workshops for wedding suppliers, photographers, small business owners, and community bodies that have been well-received and highly successful – plus they’re a tonne of fun! 

Lex brings a down-to-earth approach to her workshops while making everything simple to understand and easy to execute, often giving students something to take home whether it’s a Reel ready to use, worksheets, or food-for-thought on a new perspective.

Our workshops can be tailored to your needs, and we have offered the following workshops:
‘Get Reel’ Your Ultimate Guide To Conquering Reels – a 3 hour workshop for wedding vendors
Amplify Your Socials Workshop – a 6 hour intensive workshop for small business owners
Simplified Socials Coaching Course – an 8 week course for small business owners
Social Media 101 – a 1 hour workshop for community bodies to learn more about their audience

If you’re a business owner, service provider or community body needing help with social media, video content, copywriting, or something more specific, let’s see if we can help!

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